The fish had disappeared (at least to my eyes), but Mike was handing down the doubled-over spinner to Gary, and I was beginning to have a feeling I’d get a few more chances before the day was out. This was another fish for the box, and with our second cobe on ice, we continued prospecting up the drop-off. Berkley 10” Powerbait Eels and 8” Gulp eels are top choices for the cobes. As they grew closer, it became apparent that the alpha in this pack was even larger than Gary’s fish, and Mike and I cast at nearly the same time. These words definitely got my blood pumping, and I grabbed a twin of Mike’s heavy spinning rod and began scanning the water from the back casting deck. With the Deep Divers re-set behind the boat, Mike turned us toward the Cape, and it wasn’t long before a pair of bluefish and a spanish mackerel were in the boat circling our livewell and nursing treble hook wounds. When my concentration broke after a few minutes, I looked back towards the bow, and became mildly concerned with the fact that the captain no longer appeared to be in the boat. “Well, I’m going to drop you boys off, get some gas and get back out there,” Mike said, clearly still intent on that giant fish that checked out his bait. My lesson for the day was the following: if Capt. Bait Eels for Cobia: The eel harvest season is usually March till the water warms up in early summer. And, you don’t have to worry about getting ink on the boat. swimming minnows (7-inch), D.O.A. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020. Loaded with the powerful Saltwater Gulp! Cobia can’t resist an eel. For even better results, try a jig with a Berkley Gulp eel attached. “Idle, Gary, there they are,” he said, pointing with his rod. He said eel-like action and scent incite cobia to strike. Please try again. scent and flavor formulation that drives fish to strike, the Gulp ! This is because these tend to turn into big cobia. “We could just go back this way, but with the sun angle, it’s a lot easier to see them moving like we were.”. I caught a Cobia over top of rubble last week that was surfacing each time a turtle the size of a VW was coming up for a breath. Mike was perched atop the boat’s T-top, spinner in hand, clearly focused on the hunt. “Mike, I’ve got to be back on the road by 12:30,” he sadly related, “and if it were for just about anything else, we’d be here casting at cobia till sunset with you, but graduation is a work obligation I can’t miss.”. Apparently it was too small to eat my jig, though it tried, and the giant apparently wasn’t too hungry, as it investigated Mike’s eel and then slowly swam off. $0.00 Buy Now. A fleeting opportunity to put it in the boat passed as it rolled near the gunnel before taking yet another deep run. 8'' to 10'' gulp eel black or motoroil. Re: bait for cobia. Saltwater Gulp eels are the perfect plastics for chasing stripers and cobia, Loaded with the powerful saltwater Gulp scent and flavor formulation that drives fish to strike, Give anglers more rigging options over live bait, Gulp eels produce an enticing action that easily imitates live eels, Available in natural color; measures 10-inch length, Multi Jointed fishing Lures from Modenpeak. Clearly I (at 6’8”) with a small fish and Gary (at 6’) with a monster was a necessary photo op. The fish’s first run seemed ceaseless, and as metal became visible on the 3000 Stradic’s spool, Mike spun the boat around and gave my unseen opponent chase. Cobia have shown up in force at Cape Lookout, and anglers can sight-cast to surfacing fish along the surf zone and around nearshore structure. ... 3oz Cobia Killer. Live eels, spot, menhaden, mullet, large spoons, white buck tails, plastic eels, swimming plugs or cut bait. Give anglers more rigging options over live bait. $12.99 Buy Now. Apparently it was, as Mike proved once and for all a few moments later when he stretched way out with the gaff and put the 70+ lb. Bought these to catch a pesky Cobia that keeps hanging around our local pier. braid was taking a toll on the fish. The author and Gary Hurley with a mismatched pair of cobia--a 15 lb. In different years, the cobia seem to show up in large numbers at various spots, either the shallow rigs, the edges of the channels, or on Horn Island and Chandeleur Island in the shallow water. After a few photos, the fish hit the box, and we continued along the drop-off, working ever closer to the rock jetty protruding from the beach east of the inlet. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. I also noticed Mike held the gaff instead of the net for Gary’s fish. I switched over to the Powerbait eel while Mike rigged the blue and Gary kept us on course, all of us keenly searching for our next targets at the same time. I think Gary saw my double take before I got the words out, and he just grinned and pointed to the sky. Previous page of related Sponsored Products, Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2017. BERKLEY Gulp 10 IN EEL - Natural Eel. We barely resumed our course toward the rocks when a pod of four fish appeared off the port bow. To talk to Mike about booking a charter or just to get more information, give him a call at (252) 725-2623 or visit One of the best cobia lures is the Al Gag Whip-It Eel. As I gained back a bit of the line lost, I began to feel a little more comfortable. Taylor doesn’t use live eels, but casts a 3- or 4-ounce Spro jig head with a 12-inch Gulp! Bagley weedless spoon - Hammered . fish that bit a bucktail/Gulp Eel combo and a 75 lb. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Use caution when bringing these fish aboard the boat. “Look!”. Saltwater Gulp eels are the perfect plastics for chasing stripers and cobia. I lost him, I didn't realize he was that big but still these worked great. Top. Berkley's Saltwater Gulp! There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. As they generally do in the calm pre-dawn hours, the trip went smoothly, and we were soon idling east toward the Cape as Mike explained the new game plan. After netting the fish, he broke out a measuring board, but even before we measured it, Mike made clear why this fish had gotten the net treatment instead of the gaff. Fixed Extender. Please try again. The fish seldom can resist such a treat. Though it wasn’t rough, his balancing act was nonetheless impressive. Just then, one of the trolling rods began shrieking again, and this clearly wasn’t another bluefish or spaniard. Justin Ragsdale, of Breakday Charters out of the Morehead/Atlantic Beach area, bumped his boat over the shallow entrance to a Haystack-area creek. Mike told us the chopper blues (8-10+ lbs.) The cobia showed up pretty good this last weekend around inshore rock piles, channel markers and close reef structures. We had best luck with live pins, but gulp eels on a buck-tail jig and tube lures work well too, they love to chase something moving away from them. Their tails are spiked and can cause you major harm if you’re not careful. Berkley's® Saltwater Gulp!® Eels are the perfect plastics for chasing stripers and cobia. Please try your search again later. class trout rods we were trolling with dipped over hard and the reel’s drag began to shriek. Max Gaspeny with an unexpected surprise when trying to catch a bluefish for bait--a 32"cobia that fell for a Yo-Zuri Deep Diver and put up a 15 minute fight on a 10 lb. My cast had landed behind the fish, and Mike set the hook as I hurriedly reeled in and tried to make another cast. Definitely will buy again this season. Berkley® Gulp! Get some big four to six-ounce brightly colored jigs, attach a plastic grub tail and you’re in business. $13.99 Buy Now. The author and Gary Hurley with a mismatched pair of cobia--a 15 lb. But perhaps the biggest deal here – especially when it comes to sheer size – is the cobia fishing. Mike Taylor, of Taylor-Made Charters, and Gary Hurley with a 40 lb. We closed in on the fish steadily, and as it took a turn forcing me to follow it from the bow down the port gunnel, I heard Mike get excited for the first time that morning. “It’s like a Snicker’s bar to a big one. fish that bit a bucktail/Gulp Eel combo and a 75 lb. Mike was planning to anchor up near the inlet and fish baits on the bottom after we’d caught our blues but, as already noted, this was a day full of game-changers. We’re going to troll a few up and then go fishing.”. Cobia anglers soon learn to pay attention to any dark movement or shadows in the water. The huge fish had gotten even Mike, generally a pretty calm guy, excited. “We’re going to let him go even if he is legal,” the captain said as we disentangled the fish and treble-hooked plug from the mesh. A bit later, curiosity got the best of Gary and he asked, “Can you just stand anywhere up there, or do you have to keep your feet on one spot?”, Mike replied with a chuckle, “One spot, and it’s little.”. Eel or a 6-inch PowerBait curlytail trailer. Cobia will hit just about anything you put in front of them. I grabbed the heavy spinner again, and took the bow deck while Mike again went up top, and we’d been moving no more than five minutes when he told Gary to back off the throttle. Mike Taylor, who operates Taylor-Made Charters out of Swansboro. To learn more about Gulp eels, “You guys are welcome to come if you want.”. “You usually get that one early shot at them,” Mike explained as we both watched Gary try to muscle the fish back up while keeping an eye out for more fish nearby. “That’s either a pretty powerful bluefish, or Mike is fishing some mighty light drags,” I thought to myself as I pulled the spinner from a gunnel holder. We got on the road with just enough time for Gary to make it home and to school, and Mike did fire a parting shot, calling us as we rolled through Jacksonville to let us know he’d already caught four more, including a 50 pounder. Eels produce an enticing action that easily imitates live eels. I like to use a pretty slow steady retrieve close to the bottom to mimic an adult eel … Saltwater Gulp eels are the perfect plastics for chasing stripers and cobia. An eel to a cobia is like catnip to cats. Capt. As we closed in on the jetty, we saw six fish swimming parallel to it in a perfect line, and a pair of decent casts earned Gary and I our second double hookup. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Loaded with the powerful Saltwater Gulp ! Eels are the perfect plastics for chasing stripers and cobia. Because Berkley’s super-realistic, biodegradable Gulp! BERKLEY Gulp 10 IN EEL - Natural Eel. Our favorite eel lure is the Gulp! “If you don’t get them then, it’s going to be a decent fight.”. Put one on, and 30 mins later he nailed it. A very good thing about this large jig combination is that small boat anglers can make long casts in front of the swimming cobia when needed. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. Reviewed in the United States on June 13, 2014. I suspect Mike may have already grown tired of listening to Gary and my (admittedly bad) jokes about “having” to go cobia fishing instead of floundering, but landing a cobe while we were still trying to catch some bait only ratcheted up the poor attempts at humor. When I ran my charter service out of Virginia Beach in the 1990s, the two fish that made me the most money were cobia and striped bass. cairobass Posts: 59 Joined: March 2nd, 2009, 9:40 pm. tackle, there’s only so much pressure you can exert, and I’m sorry to report it was another 10 minutes of working the fish to the surface only to have it sound again and again before I was able to lead it into Mike’s waiting landing net. “That one’s 35 or 40,” Mike said as we waited for the fish to calm down enough for a photo opportunity. fish in the boat. class cobia that fell for a sight-cast bucktail jig with a Gulp eel trailer just a few hundred yards off the beach at Cape Lookout. We certainly enjoy flounder fishing, but this was no invitation to turn down, and 3:30 the next morning found us headed up the road in Gary’s Honda Passport, the peculiar combination of grogginess and excitement that only fishermen know fueling the drive as much as the gas did. Lures for cobia are simple. We’d been bumping along around 1/2 a mile off Shackleford Banks for approximately five minutes when one of the 10 lb. I had to really work the rod to give it any action and then it didn't look like an eel swimming at all. Bagley weedless spoon - Hammered . Loaded with the powerful Saltwater Gulp! The Guardian leash . Bucktails I try to keep about 10 bucktails in my boat primarily to pitch to Cobia but I will also use them to bottom fish for Sea Bass, Flounder, Snapper, etc. Berkley's® Saltwater Gulp!® Eels are the perfect plastics for chasing stripers and cobia. These eels also will work well when just using them on a cobia rig. brute that crushed a Berkely Powerbait Eel. Within a few minutes of turning back toward the jetty, Mike spied a large pod of cobia, these fish cruising on top instead of along the bottom, and two quick casts put Gary and I fast to a double header hookup. White jigs with nylon tails and strips of bait, Gulp! I struggled to follow the vector, but couldn’t see the fish until Mike made a cast. Unable to add item to List. QualyQualy 1.57in Fishing Soft Lures Artificial Bait Luminous Glow Shrimp Grub Worm... Savage Gear Alien EEL V2 12" 5oz S BO-Black Orange, FishLab SWB-4-H Bio Minnow Weedless Swimbait Sinking Hitch 4" 1/2 oz, Savage Gear 3D Burbot Ribbontail Sinking Lure (Firetiger, 14"). A group of indistinct brown shapes was visible moving casually along the bottom until one of them darted towards Mike’s jig. Fish so big they’re challenging to hold up for photos are the reason we fish, and it was Gary’s turn to ramble some words of nonsensical exuberance. scent and flavor formulation that drives fish to strike, the Gulp! The cobia will be moving from the east toward the west, and many times, they can be seen a long way off in the clear Gulf water. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Catching Cobia in Georgia with Capt. I got some pinfish hits and thats about it. I'll have them in the rotation forever. The words that came out of my mouth when I got a look at Gary’s adversary aren’t fit for print, but after I calmed down a bit I found myself repeatedly muttering, “My God, that’s a lot of fish.”. “Berkley 12” Powerbait eel,” I heard Mike say, and it was my first notice that he’d switched up one rod from the bucktail to a footlong black soft-plastic eel rigged with a pair of hooks and an internal weight. class trout rod. Bomber Lures Long A Slender Minnow Jerbait Fishing Lure, Chartreuse Flash Blue Back... Goture Lead Head Jigs Soft Fishing Lures with Treble Hook Luminous Lures Bait Sinki... Last Cast Tackle 2oz 9/0 Weighted Treble Bunker Snag Hooks - 5 Pack. The eels are excellent early season Cobia baits and all you have to do is nose hook them with a 6/0 circle hook to have a deadly pitch bait. “That’s probably one of those big Hatteras bluefish,” Mike said, adding with a chuckle, “but you might have hung a cobia.”. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. brute that crushed a Berkely Powerbait Eel. Plus, the Gulp Eels give anglers more rigging options over live bait. After a blistering run, the fish surfaced, and Mike saw it first. Berkley's Saltwater Gulp! Assuming it would be a lengthy battle, I began heckling the boss about playing around with his fish on the light gear. In addition to sight-casting and blind-fishing for cobia, Mike pursues redfish, trout, and flounder inshore, as well as king mackerel, amberjacks, flounder, and more at the wrecks and rocks off Bogue Inlet. There have been a good number of cobia caught this year, and most of them have been taken by sight casting. Plus, the Gulp Eels give anglers more rigging options over live bait. “I’m getting the feeling we’ll be seeing more of them today.”. “It’s a cobia!” he blurted out. I tried to slow the fish, but with 10 lb. scent and flavor formulation that drives fish to strike, the Gulp! Loaded with the powerful Saltwater Gulp ! In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. No matter where this plastic eel is, bottom, surface, under a buoy, the cobia will want it. Measures 10-inch length. As we motored towards Barden’s Inlet to set up another pass, I couldn’t help notice that three of the other boats in the area seemed to have taken note of our success and were miming what we’d done, slowly motoring down the edge of the drop and looking for fish. At least 70+ is what he called it, and since he’s caught a few more cobia than I, I decided to take him at his word despite the fact that I’d have sworn it was a hundred. “I’m going to see if we can see any to sight-cast to.”. C.A.L., or Assassin jerk baits all work well. no more eels … The best flounder baits are buck tails dressed with a Gulp or a minnow/squid sandwiches fished on a Sea Striker Fluke Killer. For the past few weeks, Gary Hurley and I had been looking forward to an offshore flounder trip with Capt. John Brooks recommends the six-inch GULP eel as the trailer.
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