The history graduate program at UNM is a nationally-recognized program that offers the Masters and Doctoral Degrees, and has a strong record of placing graduates in positions in academia, in the public history arena, and in other professional venues. One of these is the Graduate School’s requirement that a student have eighteen-hours of graduate coursework before sitting for the qualifying exams. Fall 2020. COURSE DESCRIPTIONS. A Masters in History Program might open up a variety of potential career paths for those with a passion for researching, analysis, and interpreting the past. Graduate Program. The Department of History offers a Master of Arts degree that prepares competent graduates for modern careers in business, government, teaching, non-profit work, and further graduate study in history, law, library science, or business. Program. The deadline for applications to the Ph.D. programs in history is January 2 and the deadline for applications to the M.A. The department takes seriously the idea that graduate students are junior colleagues with much to contribute. The graduate history program at OSU was ranked 27th by U.S. News and World Report for 2017. Our program currently enrolls more than 50 students pursuing MA and PhD degrees in a wide range of fields and is known for the breadth and depth of our faculty specializations. It generally takes students six or seven years to finish their … UC Berkeley's Department of History is one of the top-ranked history departments in the nation. Financial Aid Students may also initiate a custom program through the graduate school’s Student Initiated Degree Program. The History graduate program requires these elements for all of its Graduate Applications: A completed online application; The application fee; GRE scores (must be taken within five (5) years of the application) Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions; Three letters of recommendation (Letters of recommendation should be written by individuals who can best speak to … We are committed to training professional historians who advance scholarly understanding of the past as well as teach and engage broader publics. Review requirements for History degrees and accredited schools in 2019. in Global, International and Comparative History. December 1, 2020. Degree; The Doctoral Degree; Funding; History Graduate Handbook; Graduate Program Forms; Placement; History Graduate Student Association. The History Department's graduate program reflects the department's concurrent commitment to. Our graduate students have access to world-class faculty, prestigious journals, and a variety of academic and professional resources designed to prepare them for careers in academia and also in government and the private sector. A second is the department’s requirement that all Ph.D. students take eight 600- and 700-level History seminars before they may sit for the qualifying exams. Interested in learning more … Our graduate faculty work closely with students with a variety of career interests and educational backgrounds. The Department of History offers master’s and doctoral programs in national, comparative, and transnational fields, including the history of Africa, African diaspora, Atlantic world, East Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, South Asia, and United States. Graduate students can take advantage of numerous programs of lectures, seminars and workshops offered by the History Department and by other departments and interdisciplinary centers and schools at the University. Visit the History’s faculty roster. Most students who receive doctorates in the program will go on to teach at colleges or universities. in History … Top Military History Graduate Programs Let's explore the military history programs … Graduate Program Overview The goal of the doctoral program is to train students to become both skilled scholars and conscientious teachers. History Graduate Programs at UNM. . The AIA Committee on Archaeology in Higher Education has composed this directory of graduate programs in the United States and Canada for persons intending to apply for admission to a graduate-level program in Classical/Mediterranean archaeology and/or a related field, including Near Eastern and Egyptian archaeology, the study of Classical/ancient art, museum studies, and art conservation. Find the top graduate schools offering masters in history degrees and PhD in history programs near you. Student Employment. January 1, 2020 (preferred) April 1, 2020 (final) Ph.D. The Graduate Program in History. Our faculty's research covers almost the entirety of recorded history and spans most of the globe.
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